The Team

Thomas Raja
Co founder & CEO

Thomas was Ex - VP Citibank and spent close to 13 years across various
roles and geographies. He is passionate about Rock music,books,Fitness & wildlife

Anil kumar VK
Co founder & CTO

Anil has over 20 years of IT Experience, predominantly with HP where he managed large projects, he is an avid follower of vintage music,
Astronomy & Technology.

Jenny Rutherford

The winner of "The most Influential Woman in Silicon Valley" for the year 2015 & over two decades of rich experience in various Tech giants in Silicon valley

Vishnu Bhat

Ex-COO & SVP of Infosys Australia and has been associated with Infosys for over 22 years. He is currently an Entrepreneur & Active
startup Investor.

About Us

The Company

REDMONK Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2015 and manages the development & distribution of Bric APP.

At Redmonk we believe in leveraging technology to solve business problems and at a very competitive price for the end user. We are constantly experimenting, Innovating and strive to bring out the best in class products to the market.

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe in grooming a diverse team to build great products.

Our values

We aspire to be a company with high levels of integrity, values and develop products of superior technology that can substitute a mundane practice.

We place the interests of our customers and employees above all business decisions and strive to uphold it all times.

Bric app was developed with the idea of solving the business card clutter and provide a seamless means of managing them.

We aspire to transpose the whole practise of sharing and managing business cards onto the Bric Platform and promote a paper free networking ecosystem.