Frequently Asked Questions

The OCR mode has an inbuilt scanning technology that automatically reads data from the business card, while in Human Transcription mode, this is done at our back end accurately and then synced to your APP. The Human Transcription mode is 99.9% accurate and eliminates the need to check and edit each card if there are mistakes
We do not sell, trade or monetise any data pertaining to our users. The data is also managed with strict access controls and encryption. The human transcription is done by people under tight security controls & limited access. Please refer to our terms of service and privarcy policy for further information.
Human Transcription is realtime & available on all days of the week. It works on a First in - First out Basis and unless there is an unexpected surge in volume,we return the results as soon as possible
As of now we support languages with English alphabets on both OCR & Human Transcription.

No, they can open the url from the source that they receive & save it to their contact folder from there.